This new build house is situated about 100 meters from the boulevard and nearby small beach, the outside is not completely ready yet, but inside it's a beauty.
To the village centre and shop about 500 meters and to the ferry harbour not yet 900 meters. So all is in distance. And to the Šunj beach is from here nearby.

On the first floor of this family house are 2 apartments and a studio ready. To the left and right with the white balcony frames are the both apartments.
These apartments for 2+2 persons consists of a bedroom and a living room with sleeping couch.
In the middle is the studio for 2 or 3 persons with a specious balcony.
Between one of the apartments and the studio is a connection door to combine these two to make a larger apartment.

All apartments and the studio are air-conditioned, they have satellite television and a full equipped kitchen.
The balconies view towards the sea and give a nice sunset view over the Lopud bay and sea.
Apartment 1 and 3.
These both apartments are each others mirror images.
They have a bedroom and a living room with a sleeping couch for 2 extra persons.
A fully equipped kitchen with a toaster and a coffee cooker
A bathroom with shower and toilet completes it all.
Bedroom .  Kitchen

Dining table in the living room.
Bathroom Sleeping couch.
entrance hall of the house. 
  Studio 2.
Apartment 2 is a studio apartment which is located between 1 and 3.
The apartment can be inhabited by a maximum of 3 people and has a combined sleeping / living room, kitchenette and private bathroom with shower and toilet.
The apartment has a beautiful  roof-covered veranda and beautiful sea views.
Click on the picture for an enlargement. Sleeping couch.
  Combination of apartment 1 and Studio 2.  
click here.
There is a door between apartment 1 and studio 2.
So there is the possibility to connect these two apartments into one large apartment for 6 -7 people. This will be a good alternative for a large family.
Ask for the combination price.

For all apartments are the possibility of placing a baby bed.
Towels and bed linen are included.
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Melanie Balent
An der Kreuzkapelle 7
D-47906 Kempen
Phone: +49 (0)2152-994 88 63
Mobile: +49 (0)1522-871 36 11